Installation and Initial SubscriptionTerm 



The fee we charge to professionally install nearly future-proof, fiber-optic service from the road to your premises is a fraction of our true cost, which is considerably higher than that for other technologies. Why do we absorb a large proportion of that cost?  We expect to earn your loyalty. We take pride in the quality of our service, so we believe that you will want to stay with us for a very long time. We also reward subscribers who initially commit to longer-term Kingdom Fiber subscriptions by further reducing the fee.

Three-year Subscription


JUST $199 ($200 discount)**

Two-year Subscription


JUST $299 ($100 discount)**

One-year Subscription

Standard fiber Installation*

just $399

Voice Installation

includes 24-hour uninterruptible power supply

just $79

* Non-standard installations (such as longer-distance ones) may cost more

** After one year, early cancellation permitted—incurs obligation of $300 plus received discount amount, pro-rated on a yearly basis