Seasonal/Temporary Hold plan 



Are you out of town part of the year? Wouldn’t you like to have True Broadband℠ while you are here without the burden of paying the full rate, when you are not? With our Hold plan you can continue to use your Kingdom Fiber-provided email accounts, from away. Staying in North America? You can even bring your K/Fiber℠ telephone adapter with you to keep the same phone number and unlimited calling! Whether you’re a winter resident, a snowbird, or just taking an extended trip, our solution is just a phone call away. 

When it’s time for you to go, simply unplug the equipment and call us toll-free at 888-K-FIBER-7 (888-534-2377). Tell us you want to place your service(s) on hold. We'll charge a one-time Hold processing fee and small monthly Hold fees. We’ll leave our equipment in place, awaiting your return (be sure to maintain your monthly Equipment rent and K/FiberPhone payments, as well). When you come back, plug in the equipment and call us for free Reconnection.

There’s no need for re-installation and not even a need for a technician to visit—we'll take care of it remotely. Now, you can leave the Kingdom and know that, whenever you return, restoring your True service will be hassle-free. And best of all, you save money! 

Hold processing

Just 29

K/FiberNet Hold

monthly: just 9

K/FiberPhone Hold

monthly: just 9


no charge

  • Minimum of two months per hold period

  • Maximum of six months per consecutive twelve months