Please pay on time! 


term and payment rules

  • Once you complete the initially agreed period of service, you may cancel, effective the last day of the month after you notify us in writing.

  • If you cancel service after installation and prior to completion of the first year, you agree to pay the remainder of fees applicable to the year. If you accepted an installation discount for a multi-year term, you additionally agree to pay the received installation discount amount, pro-rated on a yearly basis, plus $100.

  • Your first partial month, if any, is pro-rated on a daily basis. After that, all of your billing is based on whole calendar months.

  • You will receive billing statements 10 days prior to the due date. Monthly payments are due by the 1st of the month (in advance of service).

  • We assess a $5 reminder fee to any account that is past due on the 21st of the service month.

  • We deactivate accounts that are still past due on the 21st of the next month and assess a $29 fee.

  • Avoid these fees! Please pay on time. Better yet—use our automatic monthly credit card or e-check service.