We're bringing astoundingly fast True Broadband, affordable Crystal Voice, and unbeatable Regal Video services to residences, businesses, and institutions along 200+ miles of roads in 22 towns (plus a gore) in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. 


It's amazing technology. Sent by laser devices, your data is carried as digital pulses of red and blue light over single, hair-thin, optical-glass fibers—one color in each direction simultaneously. Each location served will be able to connect at up to 10Gbps (10 gigabits per second or 10,000 megabits per second)—that's really, really fast! 

Our vision

We believe in the resourcefulness and creativity of our neighbors in the Northeast Kingdom. With unfettered, lightning-fast access to the world's markets and culture, new economic, educational, and cultural developments will emerge here organically. This crucial piece of 21st-century infrastructure will help citizens of the Kingdom prosper and schools and cultural institutions thrive. Our towns will grow, as more of our young people will find opportunities to make their livings here